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  • Ongoing operations


Yannick Menneron


Yannick has not limits when it comes to creating ambitious projects. He pushes us ever further, a visionary, sometimes a little stubborn, but always for good reason.

Yohann Vachette

Deputy director

With his top-flight past in mountain biking, Yohann always pushes hard, on the pedals and on projects, because he loves being number one. He’s a winner.

Maxime Higel

Technical director

Maxime is mountain biking passion personified and with unparalleled technical experience in designing trails. He’s also the king of metaphor for explaining his ideas.

Florian Gerard

Project coordinator

Curious, sensitive, analytical, and motivated, Florian experiences our profession through the pleasure of the sport, and his contributions are consistently relevant.

Nawel Elaïdi

Design office assistant

Nawel gets the team rolling with greater fluidity. Always motivated and always ready to move projects forward.