Development of an old former train station The largest indoor asphalt pumptrack in the world at "STRIDE" and how to transform a disused warehouse into a dream location !

  • Year
  • Place
    Strasbourg, France
  • Client
  • Mission
    Design and construction
  • Size
    2000m2, or a total of 500 meters of asphalt trail
  • Budget

The Stride Indoor Bike Park opened its doors in 2016. It is the largest indoor Bike Park in France!

An abandoned old freight train station, with its red-brick walls, beams and metal arches, its two railway lines, skylights… and its size! These physical features that should have been restrictive have become assets. On this unusual site we’ve created a fully asphalt pumptrack! It’s made up of three loops of different levels, alternating gentle bumps, big jumps and banked corners, with the integration of a transparent steel wall-ride, the only one in the world! The icing on the cake is the fact that it’s the largest indoor asphalt pumptrack in the world !

This ambitious project pushed us to face numerous challenges, one of them being the design of a transparent metal wall-ride. The objective was triple:

  • Adding a little more fun to the red loop to surprise riders
  • Recalling the history of this freight storage facility and creating a link between the past and its fun and active regeneration.
  • Maintaining the view of the pumptrack thanks to the transparent wall

Design and construction in partnership with Cimes Events.


© Photo credits Paul Humbert Vojo Magazine

All of the wooden modules have been made by the Stride team.

For the very first time, we painted coloured lines to show the level of difficulty. In addition to the aim of informing riders, these coloured lines enhance the aesthetics of the pumptrack and guide them on their trajectory.

The old platforms were very inspiring during the design phase.

To create this huge pumptrack we had to bring in 2500 tonnes of earth with 160 lorry trips, all between the arches and beams! A few centimetres less and the project would never have been accomplished !

Little by little the pumptrack takes shape, exactly as we imagined on our plans, behind our computers and in our dreams…

The blue loop is designed for beginner riders to enjoy. With its two variants and various possible transfers, they’re also fantastic for experienced riders !

The red trail is designed for those who love taking to the air! You can jump on its numerous double-bumps. The transparent metal wall-ride offers us a fantastic banked corner for guaranteed thrills !

The skylights just above the pumptrack create beautiful light effects…

© Photos credits : Paul Humbert Vojo Magazine

All of the wooden modules have been made by the Stride team.

Même avec un bon niveau, on peut s’éclater sur la boucle bleue!

© Crédit photo Paul Humbert Vojo Magazine

L’ensemble des modules bois ont été réalisés par l’équipe du Stride.