Are you in a position to decide or direct the development of the mountain biking activity in your area?


In partnership with Cluster Montagne, FFC and Les Saisies resort.

Program : 

8am : PART I : Mountain bike destination economic models: In cities, in countryside, in mountains : Examples of successful models around the world, with key success factors analyse.

Speakers :

    • M. Olivier REYDELLET, manager of SAEM Les Saisies. Les Saisies bike park is one of the most famous in the french Alps. Presentation, economic model et impacts.
    • M. Frédéric ASSELIN, Manager of  Coopérative de la Vallée Bras du Nord – Québec, CANADA. Vallée Bras du Nord is the MTB destination N°1 in East Canada. Genesis, economic model of the coop, interactions with the others outdoor activities.
    • M. Rowan SORREL, Co-founder of Bike Park Wales, Wales, UK. Bike Park Wales is the MTB destination N°1 in UK. Genesis, development, model and economic impact. Presentation in english.
    • M. Guillaume GUERARD, Manager of the Lille Bike School. This school is one of the biggest in France, on the B’Twin village site of DECATHLON. How a good service quality bring value to a entire destination?
    • M. Olve NORDERHAUG, project manager Trysil Bike Arena, Trysil – Norway. In 6 years, Trysil has become the mountain bike destination N°1 in Scandinavia. Genesis, development, model and economic impact. Presentation in english.
    • M. Pontus ÅKESSON, Manager of Fageråsen Fritid (real-estate related company) and former manager of Radisson Blu Hotel – Trysil, Norway. Pontus will analyse how the growth of a mountain bike destination has an influence on commercial and non-commercial beds. Presentation in english

40 min discussion between speakers and experts : How can those different models benefit from each other?

Questions and interaction with the public : 10min after each speaker + 20min after the discussion.

******  On-site lunch – 1h ******

14h30 : PART II : Digitalisation et virtualisation of mountain biking : trends and challenges

Speakers :

    • Mrs Alison LACROIX – ROSSIGNOL group : Guiding apps, and relationships with the destinations
    • M. Philippe MOITY – KINOMAP : Biking in your living room is that part of the future of mountain biking?
    • Joaquim LOMBARD – Fédération Française de Cyclisme : E-sport development and mountain bike.
    • Christophe MARTINEZ – Pôle Ressources National des Sports de Nature : Outdoorvision reveals how mountain bikers use the land they ride on : where they go, what they do : a new service for the destinations.

40 min discussion between speakers and experts : Will on-site signage be obsolete soon? Will mountain biking in a simulator be better than riding outdoor? Will there be a competition between simulators and real outdoor tracks? Or can it be a cooperation? We won’t bring answer, but we will start the discussion!

Questions and interaction with the public : 10min after each speaker + 20min after the discussion.

******  18h End ******

Option: Educ Tour from Saturday 11/09 to Monday 13/09 organised by Cluster Montagne.   More informations here

One guarantee : during this day you will learn something !


  • Registration through the form further up in this page. Registration includes entry, mini breakfast, lunch, coffee, live translation french=>english.
  • Cost: 150€ TTC. -20% discount for registration before August 15, with promocode EARLYBIRDMTBLAB
  • Place : Le Signal – Les Saisies
  • Schedule : 8h00 : Welcome, registration ,coffee.. 8h30 : First speaker starts his presentation. End of the day around 18h00.
  • Accomodation : By yourself, but a good plan here at Hôtel le Véry : -10% using the code MOUNTAINBIKELAB on this page 
  • Health Pass required